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Blu-ray Software for Acer Aspire 5920G for Enjoying Blu-ray Movies

May 30 2013

“I bought recently an ACER Aspire 5920G Notebook and I have a Problem playing back blu ray discs. Although it plays the demo Blu-ray supplied with the Notebook, it can’t play other Blu-ray discs.” Some ACER Aspire notebooks ship with a Blu-Ray optical...

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Windows 8 Blu-ray Ripper Software-Rip/Convert Blu-ray Discs or BD ISO on Windows 7/8/XP/Vista PC

May 22 2013

UFUSoft Windows 8 Blu-ray Ripper is an all-in-one Blu-Ray, DVD and Video decrypter and Converter for Windows OS 8, Windows 7/Vista/XP. The product is specially designed for users to convert Blu-Ray DVDs, either encrypted Blu-ray/DVDs or unprotected BDMV/VIDEO_TS/ISO...

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Enjoy/Play/Watch Blu-ray Movies on iPad Mini with Blu-ray to iPad Mini Ripper

May 20 2013

The iPad Mini is a thinner, lighter, cheaper variant of the iPad as we know it, with a smaller screen and form factor that makes it even more portable than its larger sibling. Thanks to its 4:3 aspect ratio, the iPad mini is actually superior to 7-inch...

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UFUSoft Blu-ray Player VS. VLC Player VS. CyberLink PowerDVD

May 13 2013

Blu-ray is getting more and more popular for its large storage and excellent quality. Do you want to play Blu-ray on PC or HTPC like on Blu-ray DVD player? Unfortunately, for Sony’s licensing on Blu-ray, it is pretty difficult to play Blu-rays on laptop...

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[HP Laptop Blu-ray Player Software]-How Can I Play Blu-ray Discs on HP Laptop?

May 6 2013

Do you want to enjoy Blu-ray discs or ISO Files with your HP laptop? Do you want to play such Blu-ray movies with outstanding sound/picture quality on your HP laptop? Follow this article, you will get the best way for playing/watch Blu-ray discs or Blu-ray...

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Windows Blu-ray ISO Player Software-Play Blu-ray ISO Image Files on Windows 7/8/XP/Vista

May 1 2013

ISO image file is a digital copy of the original Blu-ray disc. It includes data contents of every written sector of the optical disc. The ISO image files can be easily stored on computer and transferred over any data link or removable storage medium....

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Windows PC Blu-ray Player Software for Playing Blu-ray Discs/ISO on Windows 8/7/XP PC

April 27 2013

Because of its high definition and better visual effect, Blu-ray movies has been more and more popular among many families. Blu-ray Disc is an optical disc storage medium designed to supersede the DVD format. Blu-ray Disc is associated with a set of multimedia...

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Windows 7 Blu-ray Player Software Review-Free Download for Playing Bluray Discs on Windows 7

April 25 2013

Why Use Windows 7 Blu-ray Player Software? 2013 has already come and windows 7 users still have accounted a large scale although windows 8 was issued and used. With the Blu-ray format now well into its lifecycle as the dominant home media format, it's...

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Windows 8 Blu-ray Player Software -How to Play Blu-ray Discs or BD ISO Files on Windows 8 PC?

April 25 2013

Nowadays, almost any computer can play DVD movies as long as there is a DVD drive provided, whatever it's a PC or Mac, homemade DVD or commercial DVD. But what about Blu-ray movies? Could your Windows 8 PC play this high definition movie formats without...

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